Wire Baskets that Helped Save Time & Labor on Final Assembly Case Study

Transforming ultrasonic cleaning processes to save money & time

This client, a leading provider for innovation and technology in the automotive industry, came to Marlin Steel with a major problem. Their baskets were being damaged by their ultrasonic cleaning process which was costing them on basket repair and replacement. With each wash process, more of this manufacturer’s parts were being destroyed, more baskets were being lost, and there was an ever-increasing risk of damage to their parts washing machines. By understanding the client's need, Marlin Steel created a custom solution to help improve their manufacturing efficiency.

In this free case study, you'll discover:

  • How the using the right basket saved this client money during ultrasonic cleaning.
  • How cleaning processes were significantly improved with a precision-made basket.
  • How Marlin Steel created the perfect basket to meet the client's tolerances with consistency.

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Our Prestigious Clients Include

General Motors