Protect Your Products (and Budget) with Custom Wire Baskets

Download this guide to learn the cost benefit of using Marlin Steel's custom wire baskets

Are your valuable products being protected from the beginning of your manufacturing process to the end?

In this guide, you'll discover: 

  • What a parts handling basket can be used for
  • The cost benefit to you
  • The special considerations for parts handling baskets 

If your valuable products aren't being protected from start to finish, you're losing money by decreasing the product life cycle  and causing potential future repairs. Oftentimes, the expensive, delicate contents in your washing and finishing processes are being damaged by the stock baskets you're using that aren't customized for your exact specs. There is one way to ensure your product's safety: Marlin Steel's custom material handling wire baskets.

Download this guide and see the significant cost benefit you'll gain by using the right custom wire basket.

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